Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another walk around the North Village

This walk actually happened a few weeks ago, before we had days upon days of rain. So, the ground was dry and Ilana was way too cute. We had a good time always.
She sticks her tongue out all the time now!
One of my recent favorites...
Conquering Moses...
Ilana: 1,864; Moses: 0 (what a good dog!)
And now for your viewing pleasure:

I absolutely LOVE this outfit on her. I've just decided she's going to wear it to church again tomorrow. :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Walk Around North Village

I actually did it...I took Ilana outside just to play (without the dog so I could enjoy it too), and it had recently rained, so I figured there would be a little bit of mud involved, so I put her in "play clothes" so I wouldn't freak out if she got a little bit muddy. She had a BLAST!

She was especially enamored by the little girl she saw in the window...

We had such a good time! We've done it a few more times since this...more pictures to come.
The weather has cooled off a bit. Today's high was only in the low 60s. But, we're supposed to get back into the mid-80s by this week...crazy Texas "fall!!"

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Baylor Football!!

Well, these pictures are 2 weeks old, but it's still a fun memory. We took Ilana to her second Baylor football game. Last year she went to one, but only made it halfway through the second quarter. This year we made it the whole game. This was Baylor's home season opener. It was hot, but super fun.
We sat at the very top of the visitor's side - it has the best breeze in the whole place. So, this was part of how we kept her cool...
This was the other part of how we kept her cool...
Eventually it was so hot and the game hadn't even started so Paul walked around the concourse with Ilana. Here they are right before the game started, walking back to our seats. We love this view of the field - it's a hike up, but it's worth it!
We had a great time!
It would have been more fun if Baylor had won, but we were still all smiles. SIC 'EM BEARS!!