Saturday, August 23, 2008

And for those looking for something Ilana-related...

On a family walk to the Student Life Center (or "SLC", where Paul's going to be working)...
At the zoo's fish display...
Enjoying bath time...

Some battles are not worth fighting...

What are we supposed to do? We have no lids on our toilets.

The Boys are Back in Town!

The girls are back too, but move-in is almost done and you can definitely tell a difference. CAMPUS IS ALIVE! It's kinda weird to know what Gettysburg "feels" like these days and not be there, but we are so busy introducing Moses to everyone and keeping Ilana happy that we're certainly not bored. Here are a few photos:
Everyone loved meeting Moses, especially when they learned that he lives here...
This is what it looked like outside our living room window 10 minutes before it poured...
I think almost everyone was moved in by the time it rained. We're really enjoying getting to know our neighbors.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Anticipation Nation

You can almost feel the anticipation in the building these days. The maintenance crews have been working around the clock, and the CLs (Community Leaders - like resident assistants) moved in today, the basketball court outside our windows is becoming increasingly used by college-aged students and noises in the building are finally starting. THE STUDENTS ARE COMING, THE STUDENTS ARE COMING. Our calm, quiet Baylor life is about to be rattled to the max and we are getting really excited!!
My mom has been here for almost 2 weeks; she leaves on Friday and I'm getting a little anxious about doing all the work by myself. I'll be doing a lot of "growing up" these next few days and weeks.
Our lives are filled with lots of anticipation these days!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Can you say ADORABLE??!!

Ilana's doing great, handling the transition like a champ, even when we schlep her all around in the Waco heat for the whole day. Here are some pictures of her enjoying the nice air conditioned air inside.

This is her watching TV with Paul. Don't worry, we won't make a habit out of this.
This was her hairstyle tonight before she went to bed. I was so bummed that this picture came out blurry!
This is how she sucks her thumb.
This is how she sucks her fingers. I know, it's a tough decision...fingers or thumb, fingers or thumb?
Enjoying some tummy time in her crib.

Friday, August 1, 2008


I read many other blogs and I have to admit that this one was inspired by another blog that I regularly check out. There is this website,, it is great. They take your blog's RSS feed (or text that you copy and paste) and make a collage of the most popular words used. The bigger the word, the more often you used it. So, I entered our former blog's url and apparently during Life in Gettysburg we talked alot about being thankful, Ilana, Hot Dallas, posting, going, pictures, and YES. It's very revealing as to where our minds are. Check it out and enjoy!