Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

-H&P! :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

a picture...already!!

I had my first appointment on Thursday with the local nurse mid-wife, Christy Miller. She is AMAZING!!! The appointment was going great, then they made my day by letting me know I was going to get a sonogram!! I couldn't believe it...already???!!! They wanted to confirm a due date with a size measurement, etc. So, without further delay...may I introduce #2!!
When they first found this little one he/she was moving around like CRAZY. I said "great, active already!" Eventually #2 calmed down and we were able to get a good picture. I'm measuring right on time for an early to mid-September due date. I needed a little help interpreting the picture (when they're bigger it's easier, but they're still so little at 10 weeks!): the head is on the right, the spine goes around the top and the feet are in the bottom center of the picture. You could see the heart beating. It was amazing.

So, #2's picture hangs proudly on our fridge and I go back to Christy on March 11. We are going to find out what we're having this time around, so we'll be letting you all know!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Low-profile, noise-canceling headphones" anyone?

So, right before Christmas I had Paul make a wish list. This is typical for us. Among other things, this list included "low-profile, noise-canceling headphones." I thought: that makes sense; his office doubles as our bedroom and Ilana, Moses and I aren't always the quietest beings to try to study to. So, after some investigating, I just decided to let him collect money for them over Christmas. So, we advertised what the money was going towards and Paul spent the holidays rolling in the dough.

Thanks to EVERYONE who gave us money, because a couple weeks ago Paul bought himself...


The mountain bike we brought down here, although it was too small for Paul because he got it when he was younger, served perfectly for 2 weeks as a campus commuter bike...until it was stolen. Since then, Paul's been making due with his rode bike, which has been getting a lot of needless wear and tear. It doesn't help that one of Paul's co-workers has been trying to get Paul into mountain biking since he was hired last summer. So when Paul found this bike on eBay for a GREAT price I didn't feel like I could say no when I knew how life-giving this Christmas present would be - and much more fun, and useful long-term - than low-profile noise-canceling headphones. So, of course I said YES!

Thanks to Mark for helping him put it together. (Yes, he's the same one who's been trying to get him into mountain biking since last summer.) Can you tell he's excited to have someone to ride with? :)

This is what it looks like. Pretty, huh?

And I hear that this is a pretty sweet part, but I have no clue...and it really doesn't do anything for me. But, I'm super excited that Paul likes it.

And might I add...HE LOVES IT!!
This was 2 seconds after the first time he rode it across campus. It was SPRINKLING outside. The poor bike! He better wipe it down.

Since then he's been to the mountain bike trails in Cameron Park a couple times and he loves his bike even more, and it's much more filthy now. He sees why it's a great bike and he's really excited to use it more. He, of course, LOVES mountain biking and apparently Cameron Park is THE place in all of Texas to ride, so I'm fully expecting to be a semi-mountain-bike widow. He's assured me that this won't cut into family time, but of course I want to give him a little bit of extra freedom to enjoy the trails while we're here. Who knows where we'll be in 15 weeks?! (Graduation is 13 weeks from this Saturday!!!)

So, thanks again to everyone who gave Paul money over Christmas. He's really enjoying his low-profile, noise-canceling headphones...I mean new mountain bike! :)

Friday, February 5, 2010


I know. It's crazy. And we feel a little bit confused about God's timing with all of this, but we're starting to get excited all the same. I'm about 9 weeks along, which makes me due in mid-September. Who knows where we're going to be, or if Paul will get any time off, but we're confident that the Lord will work out those details. We also have great families. ;)
Belly pictures will be coming. It's weird, though, because I already feel like this poor child has "2nd Child's Syndrome" where not many pictures are taken. I remember taking pictures as soon as we found out we were pregnant with Ilana. Oh well.
I do already have a small belly - your body just seems to know what's going on the second time around. I'm not as nauseated, I already know what and how often to eat, but I do have a good case of fatigue coupled with insomnia. Which means that I'm just constantly exhausted. Not so good with a toddler, but thankfully Ilana is pretty low-maintenance...most of the time.
Speaking of Ilana, she's been begging me to read to her for about 20 minutes so I better get going! Happy Friday!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Devil Face

From a few mornings ago...enjoy! :)