Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our new "playing" set-up

Now that Ilana can sit up on her own, this is how you'll find her most days...
She wears a bib all the time now - drooling like a CHAMP! I hope those teeth are on the way. She's becoming more confident with her "sitting up" skills. She'll bend almost the whole way over to pick up something that's beyond her feet (babies are so flexible!). She's definitely starting to hit those developmental milestones. Next on the list...rice cereal!

New stroller

Christmas came early when the Millers came to visit. They got Ilana a new stroller - Merry Christmas to us!
The stroller criteria:
  • Allows Ilana to sit up and recline (yes, she's sitting up on her own these days!)
  • Has a nice sized basket underneath
  • Has a tray, so when she starts to eat solids she can eat her Cherrios like other toddlers from her stroller's tray - Mom Miller warned us that she'd chew on the tray all the time...she was right.
Thanks Mom and Dad Miller! Ilana loves her new stroller, especially the taste of the tray. :)

Fall has finally arrived!

Welcome FALL!! The highs recently have been in the 70s and it is finally beautiful here (a bit rainy, but beautiful).


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some other favorites

I let Ilana suck on a very small piece of bread (she has been really interested in eating these days). You can see how happy she was, or maybe she was just smiling because I got out the camera. Other than the soggy bread on her chin, I absolutely love this picture. I can't get over her eyelashes...
Another one of our happy puppy dog in the woods...
Ilana also loves Paul's watch. We let her try it on for size... :)


Yesterday afternoon I noticed I hadn't seen Moses for awhile. While looking around the apartment I noticed I hadn't put the baby gate back up in front of the door to keep him in. So, I went into the hallway and this is what I saw...
What a happy pup!

Getting antsy

Paul and I were getting antsy to get into the woods, and he actually had an afternoon that he could take off, so...

As you can see, we had a BLAST!! Thanks, Kim!!