Thursday, December 11, 2008

I've joined the trend

...the Mac trend that is. Thanks to our dear friends in Houston, the Cogliandros, I have a beautiful, sexy (if I may say so myself), gently-used G5. It really is beautiful, and it's so much more than I thought I'd get. I wanted a new computer for Christmas, but I never imagined I'd get one this nice. Thank you, everyone, who gave money so we could get a new family computer.
I was a little bit confused when I seemed to have gotten all the "extras" for a Mac but not the computer itself.
That's when Paul cleared everything up by bringing out the computer itself.
I was a little bit excited (sorry this picture is so dark).
So, that's how I've been able to completely update you all on our life. I no longer have to wait to get access to Paul's computer. Thanks everyone!!!

We are saving us money, we are saving us money

Ilana loves to eat. This girl can pack it in! So, we have decided to save money by making her food. Although it's not the easiest process, it saves us a TON of money. I can't imagine buying the little jars of food every time she needed to eat. The grinder was given to us (Thanks, Susan!), and it has gotten tons of use. We are even taking it home with us over Christmas break. Let the feast begin!
This particular night we needed to make some more avocado and pear. So we cut out the bad parts of the avocado...
grind away...
and fill up the ice cube tray (the perfect portion size).
Freeze them overnight, defrost as needed and enjoy! As you can see, the "enjoying" is Ilana's favorite part.

Another hike (a long time ago)

I just realized I never blogged about our first "hike" with Ilana. She had just turned 6 months old, so rice cereal was her new thing. You all remember this blog last year about searching for fall. Well, we had a similar experience. Check it out.
Moses was still as excited as ever.
Paul carried Ilana in our really nice Kelty carrier (that was given to us!). She seemed to really enjoy it.
We had a rice cereal break...
which was thoroughly enjoyed.
Moses really did have a good time, although you can't tell from this picture.
We got one of our favorite pictures of Ilana.
It was a great day! My how one year changes everything.

Friday, December 5, 2008

An update from Baylor-land

Ok, so I just took the dog out for the last time tonight. Before I went outside I checked our outdoor thermometer (it's been cold at night recently). It read 39 degrees, so I put on a turtleneck, hat and thick socks to venture out. I was glad when I did because the cool air hit my nose and made it run. I turned the corner to take Moses to our usual "potty" spot and to my surprise I saw one of those things I think you'd only see at Baylor...the sprinklers running. HUH?! Maybe they don't understand down here that water freezes at 32 degrees. Oh well. I'm in for the night. Nice and warm. Hopefully it won't get much colder outside. We might have frozen flowers in the morning.
On a completely different note, here's Ilana in our latest playing set-up at home.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Texas "Fall Foliage"

The first weekend Ilana and I were back, Paul went on an outdoor adventure sponsored trip to see some of the best Texas "fall foliage." We had to laugh a bit. I sent him with the camera to take some pictures so I could see these "amazing" colors. This is it. If you look very closely, there is a bit of color on the right.
This was the brightest tree on the whole trail thus far, so Paul asked a student to take his picture in front of it. The rest of the group is walking on the trail on the right.

For Texas, it really is kind of pretty and although the temperatures are still in the 60s and 70s down here, the air is definitely much crisper, especially when the sun's down. Most of campus is still green, although there are a few colors here and there - mostly browns and yellows, but still...slight hints of color. Welcome to a Texas fall!
Ok, this is all I have time to post today. I've got to get some work done. :) I'll post more tomorrow, I promise.

Flying with a baby

Flying with a baby can be great and it can be horrible. I learned to just take it one minute at a time and just let Ilana be however she will be.
Going to Annapolis Ilana was great. She slept and played and was just a little angel. On the way home she was...a bit more challenging. It also helped that on the way up I sat next to moms on both of the flights. On the way home I was seated next to a 30-something single guy who obviously had no interest in kids.
Ilana was a mess. She would not fall asleep, she would not nurse. She was way too active for her own good (like all over-tired kids get). So, she was wide awake for the 3 hour flight from BWI to Dallas.
Dallas to Waco is a 20 minute flight. I was seated by myself, and wouldn't you know, the setting sun in our window forced Ilana to close her eyes and she actually slept for the entire descent and landing. We were taxiing to the gate and she continued to sleep. Poor thing, it was too cute I had to take a few pictures.

She's pretty resilient, though, she popped right back awake as soon as she saw Daddy, then got right back into her routine first night home.

Ilana got a balloon for Halloween

For Ilana's first Halloween, my mom got her a balloon. She LOVED it! I can't tell if she enjoyed eating the string or gumming the blown up balloon better. Either way, she was a cutie! (Yes, we were in Annapolis for Halloween. I felt so bad that we couldn't see more people. It was such a crazy time, a great time, but crazy. Those that we couldn't see then we will make a point to see at Christmastime.)
The next day it deflated and she continued to really enjoy it! Don't worry, she was supervised.

When the fun of the balloon wore down, she was just as cute as ever. This is our REAL new "playing" set up. She tried to propel herself off the chair one too many times, so we just decided that the floor would be better. She is sitting up so well these days, but we still put some pillows behind her. She's fallen back a few times and we've been very thankful for the pillows. We'll probably keep them there until she crawls.
One more of her playing at my parents'. We can't wait to see everyone at Christmas!

Paul's first research paper

Well, Paul had his first research paper - OH MY GOODNESS!!! If you take a closer look at the second picture below, you'll see that, yes, it was after midnight and we were still chugging along. You'll also see Moses' face on the left. Our sweet puppy, instead of going to bed himself, stayed up with us and "helped" as only he could - study breaks. It was so sweet. We were both incredibly relieved when this paper was over. Paul did an excellent job, but woah! let's start earlier next time, ok?


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I know, I know

I know I haven't posted any pictures of Ilana recently and I know you're all checking every day...looking, waiting in pure expectant hope that I will put one little picture of our adorable Ilana up.
But, I also know the deeper questions of your heart...for real. I know you REALLY want to know what the students are like that Paul's working with. I know you've just been on the edge of your seats waiting, desperately waiting, to hear about Baylor's students. Well, let me just say that Paul's working with the best students on campus.
The Rock Wall staff is amazing. The Rock staff has shift leaders - one has to be on every shift. They're an especially unique bunch. They meet once a week with Paul to go over any issues, concerns or announcements for the rest of the Rock Wall staff. So, right before Thanksgiving break they had a meeting and Paul asked Andrew (one of the most creative shift leaders) to send out an email with the announcements. This is what followed:
TO: The Rock Wall Staff
FROM: Andrew
SUBJECT: on the first day of thanksgiving vanilla gave to me

alright stop, collaborate and listen,
paul is back with a brand new invention.
something, grabs ahold of him tightly,
flowin' like a rock, daily and knotly.
will it ever stop, yo, i hope so,
i've got some announcements, so let's go.
to the extreme, we're not open tomorrow,
over the break, find some money to borrow.
prodeals. return the first of december.
turn 'em in now, even if it's november.
workin', at the rock next year?
turn in your app. i hope that's clear.
anything less than the best is a point in here.
love it or leave it, you better gain weight,
you better get some turkey, and clean your plate.
if there is a problem yo Paul'll solve it,
have a reflection conversation while my dj revolves it.
ice, ice pauly.
da da da da dadada da.
ice, ice pauly.

so if you didn't get all that you need to turn in your re app for next semester, sign up for a euphemistic employee review, not come to work on tuesday (tomorrow) and turn in prodeal bidness.

peace out.

How wonderful! Paul read this to me one morning and it brought a smile to my face (and I'm NOT a morning person at all!). Thanks, Andrew.
Well, I guess I'll post one picture of Ilana, just to keep you interested...

I'll post more pictures soon, I promise!
-ice ice Heather :)