Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coming to a close

Ilana and I fly away tomorrow. Paul, with the dog and trailer, leave Friday morning. With these things in mind, Life at Baylor is quickly coming to a close. So, as is our custom, I've created a NEW BLOG. :) It's Check it out!!
Blogger allows you to buy a url so you don't have to use their "" tagline at the end, it's only $10 a year. But, being "frugal" as we are, and knowing that we don't mind letting Blogger get some credit for our blog, we decided against that option. So, read up, visit often, and onto the new blog!
ps-sorry for the lack of pictures. We're down to using Paul's laptop and it doesn't have any pictures loaded onto it. I'll post some new pictures as soon as I can.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Baylor, for a wonderful 22 months! Now it is time to head north to Loyola! God Bless you and Keep you!